Monday, March 22, 2010

The Window Dreams

Meh.... not my fave. Just killing time.

The Runaways

I made this the night the movie The Runaways opened, since it isn't playing anywhere near this podunk town right now.


Yeah, girlcrush abounds. I think she's always gorgeous.

Head or Heart?

I'm a little in love with this one. I know, my modesty is amazing right? Still, this one is slightly awesome. I want to use it as a banner for...something.

The Truth Will Change Everything

If you haven't seen this movie, or read the book, this makes no sense. You need to get right on that, because it's great in either form.

Lonely Tourist

Again, this one is music inspired. And I think it's neat.

There Goes The Fear

NGL, I'm proud of this one. The song is so amazing, and I played it over and over for weeks before making this.

Morning Feeling

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

I Feel It All

Mmmmhmmm, a quick Twilight one. Sorry. I really love this song.

Slightly Crisp

I want this on me. I love fall, I love the colors, I love the keyhole bracelet. This reminds me of school and fall and good times.

Peacock Love

I love Emma Watson. I love peacocks. I love high heels. The end.

Thursday Riot

I love this set, I want to wear it all the time. Lottery, I need to win you ASAP.

How Doth the Little Crocodile

This was my first Alice set, and while I love everything in it (especially the ring!), it's not my fave. Maybe I'll go back and fix it up...


I love mixing soft things, like satin dresses, with tough things, like badass leather jackets and spiky sunglasses that would make Lady Gaga proud.

Date @ the Carnival

A lovely fantasy date at a carnival.


Guess whooooooo? :) Some people think she's socially awkward. I think she's fearless.

I'll Act Nicer When You Act Smarter

Boredom led to a Kristen Stewart collage. Mmmhmmm, I'm pretty shameless. But the girl rocks, for serious.

Sunday Morning

So this was the first set I ever made, and I still love it. I adore Kristen Stewart (duh), and she was obviously the muse for this one. She could so pull that dress off. I could too. ;)